How do I find something good to read?


Looking for something great to read? Ask us! Our book experts are ready to do their best to help you find your next great read. Just fill out the form HERE, allow us three days to work, and we’ll send you three titles we think you’ll love.


Do you want to read something but need help figuring out what? Send us your likes and dislikes, and we will find some books for you!



Fill out this form and Ms. Jennifer will pick out and put books on hold for you. You can also sign up to have new books and your favorite author’s latest title automatically placed on hold.


Visit Novelist sponsored by Badgerlink to find your next read. Simply type in a book title or author you have enjoyed and Novelist will provide you will up to nine recommendations. Unlike Amazon, all recommendations come from librarians instead of computer algorithms.



We have a group on Goodreads. Check out what our book clubs are reading, what are group members recommend and see new books that have been added to the collection!



You can always ask library staff for recommendations…we read a lot, and we love to share our favorite titles!  Just ask a staff member during your visit, call us at (262) 723-2678, or email us at .