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The default in ResCarta-Web is to search Body-Text, you may also select other metadata elements from the 'Search in' pulldown list.  Your web-master can control the default, the fields allowable and the order of fields in the pulldown list.

Body Text - ResCartaWeb searches documents by page. In general, the best search results are generated by entering a specific search term, but you can enter as many words as you like. When you enter more than one word, ResCartaWeb searches for the words as a phrase, so that search results include instances in which all the words you entered appear together (in the order you entered them). Only pages that contain the search phrase will appear in the search results list.

Subject (state) searches on the Subject (state) field will allow for a search of less than three characters since states in most cases are shortened to the two letter abbreviation.


More information about search terms in ResCart<br>aWeb:



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